Christopher D. Whitsell (Chris) LCSW

I want to meet you where you are in life, wherever that might be, and join with you to help overcome whatever barriers you might be encountering. My life’s work has been about connecting with others, helping them through difficult times, and attempting to motivate folks to experience fullness in their life, whatever that may be! On my journey, I have been able to learn from all types of people who have expanded my knowledge base and allowed me to learn what works in the field of behavioral health change. I have seen firsthand the importance of connecting with folks in a very humanistic way and doing the extra to treat others as I would want to be treated. In this practice, I intend to join with you in a genuine, professional manner to help you accomplish the change you are seeking; going the extra mile to help make sure therapy is a helpful, meaningful experience for you. I have worked hard to establish credentials to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Kentucky, having first achieved this credential 7-20-2001. I am a board member for both Kentucky Society for Clinical Social Work and Key Assets Kentucky and I have worked in multiple dimensions in the field of mental health in Kentucky since August 1992. I have provided direct clinical counseling services while also facilitating the development and operations of many community outpatient programs and have served in the capacity as senior leader for two different large community mental health centers serving 41 Kentucky counties. I have learned multiple approaches from evidenced-based models to help guide my understanding of what has the greatest impact on creating and sustaining individual change. I use elements of several evidence-based practices in treatment while prioritizing a personalized approach that prioritizes the unique strengths each person brings into the counseling situation. I prioritize leveraging each client's unique strengths via a strong therapy relationship and alliance to help each person accomplish the stress reduction and enhanced quality of life sought. I value and appreciate the opportunity to join you on your journey!


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  • Delivered in person or virtually to children, adolescents, adults
  • Person-centered and delivered via individual, couple, or family sessions
  • Trauma-informed
  • Strengths-focused
  • Modalities include Cognitive-Behavioral; Motivational Interviewing; Play therapy; Trauma-focused



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What Our Clients Say

My son had struggled with depression and suicidal ideations for many years. I had begged him to speak with a therapist and he was EXTREMELY resistant. He finally got to the point that he was willing to speak with someone. I knew I had one chance to get him the help he needed. I am so thankful that I contacted Chris Whitsell! My son is doing so well, in fact he recently bought his first home. He gives Chris, who he refers to as a "cool dude", the credit for his improvement.



Chris Whitsell, LCSW-S has been a mentor and trusted colleague to me and statewide leader in children’s behavioral health over the past two decades, I highly recommend Chris Whitsell, LCSW-S to those families searching for a knowledgeable and compassionate child and family therapist. Chris embodies for me what I would want in a therapist for my own children and is someone I know can help make a difference for you.

--Natalie C. Kelly

LCSW, former statewide Director of Behavioral Health and current Vice President for System of Care Services

I have known Chris since early 2014 and since that time I have been impressed with his continued commitment to serving his community. Even after serving more than 25 years in Kentucky’s community mental health organizations, he continues to use his skills and abilities to serve his local community. All of his efforts are geared towards helping clients realize their full potential and he genuinely believes in their capabilities. He is committed to the Social Work Values. He has often shared new ideas, strategies and community resources with me and helped me to become a better leader in my own company. I am honored that Chris serves on our Key Assets Kentucky Board of Directors and provides valuable guidance as we provide services to Central Kentucky. Whether you are seeking a therapist to help you through a difficult time or seeking quality Social Work Supervision, I highly recommend Whitsell Counseling & Supervision.

--Jennifer Hall

CEO of Key Assets Kentucky

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